Play Memory Games To Increase Your IQ

Brain Games

In my previous article, I discussed how I went through a two month testing period where I tried lots of techniques to try to increase my memory. Some worked great while others flopped. You can find the article here: How to improve your memory.

In this article, I will be explaining the first technique I used. This is probably the most fun method but probably the most nerve racking: memory games. Why is it nerve racking? Well because you always want to achieve the best score possible so you end up by playing on until you are satisfied with your score.

I probably spent too much time playing rather than understanding the concept and actually improving my score. Either case, did it help? I think it helped a lot and I was very pleased with the score at the end.


wp-brain-puzzleCrossword Puzzles

Puzzles like crossword, word search and Sudoku can increase your memory power and decline the decay of your brain cells but there is no concrete evidence that they do. There is some research that suggests that while solving crossword puzzles will make you better in memorizing the capital of Madagascar but there is no direct proof they will increase your practical skills such as remembering a person’s name you met last month. You can play some of our games here.

I decided to go all out and play the online mind training site called Luminosity. It’s very simple to sign up and they have a free program for a 10 minute per day game play. I went for the yearly subscription of around $120. They claim that they can improve your memory in just the first 10 hours of playing. The games are actually very fun and other are very draining on the brain. The games include a game where you get to spot an eagle from the screen, a penguin in a maze and so many others. Based on what you would like to improve with your IQ (memory, speed, attention, flexibility, problem solving), they setup a series of brain games to be played on a daily schedule.

Brain Training Results

By the end of 2 months, my Brain Luminosity index rose by 30%. I was surprised by the results and overall I did feel that my memorizing skills and brain speed did increase. I will keep on playing Luminosity because I feel that it truly has a positive effect on my overall IQ.

The next article will be based on eating properly and having a nutritious diet. You can find it here: Brain foods to make you smarter.