Math Crossword Puzzle 4 Digits

No words, only numbers crossword puzzle. Now I know what you are thinking but trust me they are more fun than they look. They are fun and offer a different twist than your average crossword puzzle. You solve this puzzle by fully using your mathematical skills, specifically additions, subtractions and multiplications. You might be asking why not divisions? Well it’s hard enough as it is so solve this puzzle for now and come back later on for some division math crossword puzzles.

This puzzle has 4 digit numbers to solve with fairly complex math problems. They can all be solved with your mind but they will provide you with a good mind sizzling workout.

This puzzle is intended for intermediate to high math students and it’s great as an exercise to improve your math skills. The best way to learn is to do all the exercises in your mind without using a pencil or paper. Don’t even think of using a calculator, it just defeats the purpose. Don’t watch TV instead!

If you find that some problems are a little too difficult then you can always use the “solve” button. But don’t use it too often, try to solve them even if you get them wrong. So enjoy and have fun!