Math Crossword Puzzle 3 Digits

A little different than your average crossword puzzle. This is a math crossword puzzle and your answers will be in numbers instead of your typical word. Just click on the box to read the somewhat easy hint for each number.

This crossword puzzle will test your math skills. Each answer is 3 digits and will be a combination of multiplication, addition and subtraction. It looks hard but look on the bright side, at least we did not include any divisions.

The answers are fairly simple and can be solved by students. The math puzzles are intended to help you practice your mathematical skills in multiplications, additions and subtractions. Compared to the other math crossword puzzles we have, this one should be a breeze.

If you find yourself that you can’t solve an answer then the “solve” button is there to help you. Don’t use it to much of course, give your mind a little workout!