Math Crossword Puzzle 3 and 4 Digits

You might ask yourself, where did all the words go! Well there are no words in this crossword puzzle, only numbers. It offers a different twist than a typical crossword puzzle. It’s fun, relatively easy and it’s the perfect solution for learning intermediate math skills.

Each answer has either 3 or 4 digits and it’s a combination of additions, subtractions and multiplications. We decided not to include any divisions in this puzzle because it’s already challenging as it is.

All the number answers are designed to be answered in your mind without using a calculator. You can obviously use a calculator but what would be the point of solving it. You might as well use the “solve” button and take the easy way out.

All with your mind, that should be the name of this game. You can use a timer if you please, it will give you an idea of where you stand compared to others. But don’t be upset if you are too slow, practice makes perfect! As is with everything else, practice more to become better. Trust me on this one, you will expand your mathematical skills if you keep on practicing.