How To Improve Your Memory

Having the perfect memory

We all want to have an amazing memory, a memory that will surprise everyone. I actually used to have a very good memory, I used to remember things other people didn’t. But as well all know, as we get older so does our memory. So I started thinking, is there anything I can do to counteract the loss of memory associated with age?

What’s known is that with each decade, you lose around 5% of your brain’s nerve cells which is responsible for improving your memory. It was once perceived that an individual mental efficiency was highest during adulthood and that it’s basically downhill from that point. Well maybe not! Research has actually found that an individual’s brain can still develop new neural memory links in a term called neuroplasticity. When I researched about this effect, I was reassured that anyone can actually improve their memory power.


wp-brain-powerTwo Month test period

To try and prove this theory practically, I decided to test it out. I used myself as a guinea pig and over a 2-month period, I tried a lot of memory improving techniques. I can now list all elements of the periodic table along with their compositions in alphabetical order. Well not exactly, I can’t do that. But I can now remember names and telephone numbers more easily. And to me I think that that’s a more constructive skill that memorizing the periodic table.

Memory games

Over the next articles, I will be writing about all the memory improving techniques I used over the past two months. I will be explaining in more detail what worked and what fell flat. The techniques I used range from playing brain games to eating properly and optimizing my sleeping habits.
Some are more obvious in improving your memory while others seem that insignificant actually had a positive effect on my memory. The first technique I will be explaining is probably the most fun: playing brain games. Go to this article to read it: Playing Memory Games.