Brain Foods To Make You Smarter

Proper Nutritious Diet

I’m on a journey! A two-month journey where I test different techniques to increase my brain IQ. Some methods work great while others did not have a positive effect on my memory or my brain speed. In the next articles, I will be documenting and writing about all the techniques I’ve used. If you haven’t read my first article, then you can read it here: How to improve your memory.

First let me explain to you about the first technique I have used which is playing brain games. I think it had the most positive effect on my brain but it was also the most strenuous and time demanding. It required around 30 minutes per day to play fun games. By the end of the 30 minutes, I was sometimes drained.

Memory Superfoods

This technique is not time demanding as the previous method, it’s basically just making little changes to your diet. Whether your goal is to increase your memory or not, a proper nutritious diet should always be incorporated in your eating habits.

I switched to a more Mediterranean type of diet which includes lots of nuts, vegetables and fish. I will be reducing my meat portions to around once or twice a week only since it’s known that the omega-6 fatty acids found in meat cause inflammations in the brain. Research shows that the long-term effects of meat is an increase in Alzeimer’s. Sugars are definitely out of my diet but I replaced them with rich antioxidants fruits and vegetables. I also incorporated vitamins B-12 and D in my diet which are known to help in cognitive brain functions.

Brain Enhancing Diet Results

Although it was hard to get used to the fact of eating meat once a week only, I eventually got used to it. Usually you feel rather sluggish after eating a juicy fatty steak, but I didn’t feel that anymore after reducing my meat intake. I actually felt physically more active and a sense of having more energy. My memory improved after 3 weeks of diet, I can remember a telephone number given to me a couple of days back.

I felt great! The only negative I can see is that my grocery bill rather increased. I was buying less meat but I was spending more on exotic fruits and vegetables.

The next article I will writing about will be about multitasking and learning new skills. Read about it here: Multitasking effect on brain.